ERP Installation and Server Configurations

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The Rhomicom ERP System can be run in two ways. i.e. Direct Server Installation or via a set of Docker Containers. The docker container option is the easiest to setup since all that one has to do is to run docker compose up in the Rhomicom-ERP-compose folder after downloading it from github Steps 2 to 4 in the Table of Contents are only applicable when not using docker containers i.e. should only be done for users with preference for Direct Server Install. Use this Link for Docker Installation Option

Minimum Server Requirements

Direct Server Installation

  • OS: Linux, mac, Windows
  • 8GB RAM, 10GB HDD/SSD,
  • >=Dual Core CPU

Docker Container Option

  • OS: Linux
  • CPU Count >= 4

Web Server: Apache/Nginx Server Installation and Configuration

Apache Installation/Configuration (CentOS 8)

Nginx Installation/Configuration (CentOS 8)

Installing XAMPP on WIndows 10

php-fpm installation and configuration

Database: PostgreSQL/MySQL Server Installation and Configuration

PostgreSQL Installation and Configuration (CentOS8)

MySQL Installation and Configuration (CentOS8)

OS Permissions/Firewall Configurations

Direct Server Installation

 sudo systemctl restart mysqld
 sudo systemctl restart postgresql
 sudo systemctl restart php-fpm
 sudo systemctl restart httpd

Docker Container Option

SuperConfig Page Settings