Docker Installation Option

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  1. Download and Install Docker from Depending on your OS, you need to install Docker in different ways, take a look into the official Website - One of the advantages of using docker is that the host OS does not matter, the containers will work the same way on any platform.
  2. Download or Clone Rhomicom-ERP-Compose Project from Github
    • git clone
  3. Download Rhomicom-ERP-Web Project files and place folder contents directly into src/RHO_ERP_WEB
    • git clone
    • NB on linux you may have to run
    • chmod -R 777 Rhomicom-ERP-Project as root
    • Or run the ./ script to grant appropriate folder permissions (A more secure alternative)
  4. Change Directory to api_image/code and run
  5. Change Directory to db/initdb/pgdb and download sample db file into it if needed
  6. Alternatively sample DB can be restored after running containers via terminal
    • First Login to the pgAdmin interface to view Databases available
    • docker exec -it rho-pgadmin sh
    • cd /var/lib/pgadmin/storage/
    • psql -h rho-pgdb -p 5432 -U postgres -v -d rho_erp_db < 2_sample_database.sql OR Direct full restore of the sample backup file located at db/initdb/pgdb from the pgadmin front-end interface
  7. cd back to main Rhomicom-ERP-Project folder and Run
    • run ./
  8. Open http://localhost:8090 to access db via adminer
  9. Open http://localhost:8091 to access db via pgadmin
  10. Open http://localhost:8000 to run application
  11. To tear everything down Run
    • run ./