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Welcome to the Rhomicom ERP/Banking Systems Online Manual and Technical Documentations

Rhomicom Enterprise Resource Planning System (Web, Desktop and Mobile) is an integrated system which automates the management of information across an entire organization and facilitates information flow between all business functions inside the organization and also to combine, organize and maintain the data necessary for operations. It merges an organization’s key operations, including the Manufacturing, Sales & Inventory, Learning & Performance, Banking, Financial, Hospitality, Human Resources etc. into a single software platform. It is a software designed to help automate the management of all Organizations be it Churches, Schools, Companies, NGOs etc. It has modules covering almost all aspects of the management of an Organization or Enterprise, backend as well as frontend.

It is well suited for areas such as capturing personal data about persons in the Organization, Point of Sale, Payroll Processing and efficient management of Internal Contributions and Payments of members, Financial Accounting, Inventory & Fixed Assets Management, Sales and Purchasing (Procurement), efficient tracking & reconciliation of all of the organization’s payables and receivables, monitoring of the Attendance Records of persons and many more.

Typical Target institutions/organisations include Hotels/Restaurants/Coffee shops, Super Markets/Boutiques/Wholesale and Retail Shops, Associations/Churches/Professional Bodies, Construction Firms, Academic Institutions, Banks, Microfinance and Other Financial Institutions.

Visit the demo Site to practice whatever is learnt here regarding the system.

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